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My life is a Palimpsest, so is yours! 
10 songs for mind movie

"What else than a natural and mighty palimpsest is the human brain? Such a palimpsest is my brain; such a palimpsest, oh reader! is yours."


Thomas De Quincey, Libra "Suspiria de Profundis".


This metaphor applies to the heart, to poetry and music! The palimpsest is a manuscript or a piece of writing material on which the original writing has been erased, to make room for later writing, but of which traces remain.

This is the complexity inscribed in Eda Zari's "Palimpsest", a bilingual album in German and Albanian. After five years, Eda Zari returns with a new album, once again conceptual. 


If John Coltrane needed his suite, "A Love Supreme", to musically express his genuine love for God, Eda Zari's intends to create a spiritual work based on Lasgush Poradeci's poetry, an Albanian poet from the 1920s and the 1930s, who sung to the cosmic sublimity of love. Musically speaking, Eda is evenly at home with jazz, cinematic music, and world music, but she has settled on a singular Melo-rhythmic and polyrhythmic vocabulary, to properly render Poradeci's verse in music. (...)



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The Albanian Virgin

"The Albanian Virgin"

Music by Olaf Diddolf & Eda Zari

"Lule Mali" song

Music by Eda Zari & Olaf Diddolf

Lyrics by Eda Zari

All vocals performing by EDA ZARI

Im Kino ab den 9 Februar 2023





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