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Zari was born in Tirana /Albania 

Resident in Germany

She grew up in a musicians family by the surrounding of the Lela Dynasty, one of the most famous and world-renowned ensemble of traditional Albanian music “Lela Family from Përmet”. Her uncles played and performed old traditional songs and dances from South Albania, full of passion and melancholy the Mediterranean nostalgic feelings of “iso” and “kaba”.The five years old Eda started singing at their laps. She developed a passion for that style, finding its rough, evocative vocal style, an intriguing departure from the more genteel Përmet vocal music that she grew up with.

Eda walks the fine line necessary to both genuinely carry the iso’s tradition and bring it’s freshness for today. Her performance style captures the raw emotion that characterizes the genre, but through her personal twist. Latter on she moves to Cologne, Germany, in order to continue her studies at the Cologne College of Music, and was graduated as an opera & theater singer. 



“Zari is an artist whose music blurs the lines between traditional singing styles of the Balkan state and other genres, with a very strong jazzy edge.”
‘Jazz Thing’ / Germany

​“Eda is a performer who has it all – charisma, stunning looks, a voice to die for and shows that deal in musical passion and drama. With her heart breaking voice, she performs with graceful, dramatic gestures, leaving slender wistful notes hanging in the air. The combination of Eda’s powerful and broad-ranging vocal and her slick band, with their mastery of strange time signatures which all Balkan musicians seem to possess, would grace any stage of the world.”

‘Jazz Time’ / USA


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